Traditional Cultural Experiences

You can experience "Zen"(禅) in Shimpukuji(真福寺), so join us and learn Japanese traditions.

"Zen" can't be transrated into simple words, because Zen focuses on your delicate mental conditions,

also because Zen can be understood by your own feelings not by textbooks.


"Zazen" is one way of meditation. Sitting on the Tatami(畳) quietly and  concentrating on your breething, you can relax and stop thinking about mental troubles.


"Shakyo" means hand copying sutra (great Buddhism words). Because Buddhism prayers believe that the great words bring them good fortune, they often try "Shakyo" to make their wishes come true.


"Sadou" is the sophisticated way of making Matcha(抹茶) (thick green tea). You can learn Japanese traditional considerations through making one cup of Matcha for precious guests.


"Goshuin" is not just stamps but the devine certification. Bring Goshuin-cho (notebook for Goshuin) and get Shimpukuji's Goshuin. If you try Shakyo, you can get free. 


If you are interested in "Zen" experience, please contact us and make a reservation.